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Your Clown is You!

A workshop with Kenny Ahern is unlike any other workshop you have attended. It is limited in class size, but not limited in possibilities.

Whether you are learning to balance a balloon on your nose; how to safely fall; or finding a new way to move your body, Kenny's teaching style is “hands on” and always builds on one’s personal character and performance style. He respects participants' personal limits. However, does challenge folks to go beyond their comfort zone.

Simply put ... Kenny wants people to take away from his training a tangible, practical knowledge and new insight on their inner fool. He does this by providing education that is relevant, fun and entertaining.

"I promise ... that I can help you, to help yourself, to become a better clown."

An accomplished educator, Kenny has been a faculty member with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and The University of Wisconsin—La Crosse’s Clown Camp® (twenty years). Kenny has been featured at the World Clown Association and Clowns of America International Conventions and the Clowns Around the World Festival/Conference—SIngapore. He has also presented workshops for the Drama Departments of DePaul University, The University of MInnesota and the University of Virginia.

Complete class list for beginner through advanced clown performers is available here.


Adult Workshop Testimonials

"I have annually used Kenny to teach at our Clown Camp© program for 20 consecutive years. His expertise, enthusiasm, and ability to relate to students of all ages makes him one of the most successful clown arts instructors we employ. His personal abilities makes it possible for him to offer so many classes on both physical skills and personal achievement. It is always a pleasure to support someone like Kenny who knows how to 'do it right'."
Dr. Richard Snowberg, Founder and Director,
UW La Crosse/Viterbo University Clown Camp®

“Kenny Ahern is one of those rare people who is an outstanding entertainer that has analyzed what he does, so he understands how to teach it.”
Bruce “Charlie” Johnson–Entertainer and Author “Creativity For Entertainers” trilogy

“Kenny Ahern has crafted a unique style. He is dedicated to the importance of laughter. Kenny is true to the art and faithful to the audience making their FUN the most important step in the process of entertainment.”
Phyllis "Daisy" Sheffield–World Clown Association, President 2007

"Not only is Kenny a Master entertainer onstage, but truly a 
professional educator as well.  He made sure his teaching 
objectives for each workshop were tailored exactly to meet our needs.  Kenny "exceeds expectations" in every aspect, both onstage and as a teacher.  We're very lucky to have found him!"

Keith Tanner, Educational Characterization Conference Chairperson Arizona Fire and Burn Educators Association