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To laugh is to live!

Just think ... A family theater performance that is enjoyed by ALL AGES.

To Laugh is to Live! is a hilarious family escapade. You are introduced to a whimsical, comic world where the audience happily becomes partners with Kenny's lovable eccentric character. Extraordinary artistry mingles with delightfully daring antics. The result is a dazzling, heartwarming performance ... that few can resist.

“What I enjoy most... is creating a whimsical world, where families laugh together and fun–filled memories are created.”

This family performance has been presented in theaters in United States and abroad to wonderful reviews.

The drop panel set is inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh's, "Starry Night” and bananas. Yes, bananas. The lighting design and technical logistics are designed for a traditional proscenium stage; yet are flexible enough to play in non–traditional spaces and still retain a distinctive intimacy.

The creative team behind To Laugh is to Live! is comprised of National award winning Director Maurice Enders; Composer George Maurer; and Scenic Designer/Sculptor Michael Martino.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Youth (K-5) Show and Youth Residency & Workshops; The To Laugh is to Live! Art Gallery Exhibit, is a series of figurative sculptures and paintings, created around the performance by artist Michael Martino.

Technical Rider


Theater Testimonials

“The crowd absolutely loved the theatre shows, not only the children, but the entire family.We are particularly impressed with your interaction with the crowd. It is such an experience to see the crowd warming up to you and finally filling the entire house with laughter! You have indeed set a benchmark for our future theatre festival.”
Knik Pang, Festival Producer
Varieté! The Festival

"Kenny Ahern is a master in his craft. He will make you laugh, inspire your trust and easily earn your respect. His sense of humor, his joy of life, and dedication to his profession are are guidelines that surround him and his inspiring performance."
La Vahn Hoh, Associate Professor of Drama
The University of Virginia

"I would, without any reservation, highly recommend Kenny Ahern— he is an excellent performing artist!"
Laura Reisinger, Executive Director
Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful night for children of all ages."
Michael Burgraff, Managing Director
The Fairmont Opera House