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Motivation Through Clown Antics

Using the clown arts to build self-esteem and life skills

Taking his skills as a communicator from the stage to the classroom, Kenny Ahern has created this educational and motivational residency for students grades 4–5. Available for a one or two days, the residency is built around a close encounter of fun, education and a 45-minute school show featuring residency students and Kenny.

Specific Aim: Utilize the "Art" of the Clown as a building block for boosting confidence and life skills. The residency participants are a select group of twelve(12) students. These students are selected through written essays or educator referral.

What will be learned? How to kick start your imagination; improvisation; juggling; balancing; make-up; creative movement; and a little clown history.

What will be learned, and not readily realized? Goal setting; trust; comradeship; improvement of motor skills; creativity; self–awareness; responsibility; sharing; and respect.

Background: Kenny created the program in 1990, with a commission from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Production/Resources: All props, costuming, set, and sound are provided for the residency and performance. The school will receive a clown arts book, set of juggling scarves & bean bags and a balloon kit for the school library - and twelve new clowning mentors!

Workshops and residencies available for Middle School and High School theater students: Physical Comedy & Movement; Comedy Development; Intuition & Character; Creative Awareness; Focus and Timing

Technical Rider


Youth Workshop Testimonials

"His motivational tactics, expertise and rapport with youngsters and adults are superlative. I can not say enough good things about this man and his positive effect on children."
Jim Moyer, Physical Education Teacher
Oakview Elementary School

"I appreciate your talent and creativity; and especially appreciate your ability to work with children. You are truly a gifted teacher!"
Elena Kennedy, Teacher of the Gifted
Loretto Elementary School

"Kenny Ahern is a wonderful performer and really engaged our students Kindergarten through grade 6 in his performance. His program may well be the best I’ve personally seen, It would be nice if all lyceums were as educational, fun and entertaining as this was."
Dennis Geissler, Principal
Colfax Elementary School